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Less Energy Usage

Owning and enjoying a Beachcomber Hot Tub can cost you less than a night out at the movies. Our engineers continuously strive to design our hot tubs with newest in energy saving technology. Use our energy cost calculator to estimate the energy usage in your local community..

Hot Tub Energy Calculator

Beachcomber Hot Tubs

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energy costs of your hot tub

Test procedures and data collection is based on the test method for Portable Electric Spas stipulated in Section 1604, Title 20, California Code of Regulations, amended on December 3, 2008. CEC testing parameters require that all units listed are tested in a third party or CEC approved laboratory, under a controlled environment with an ambient air temperature of 60[15.6°C]±3°F and hot tub water temperature of 102[38.9°C]±2°F, with the hot tub cover on for a continuous 72 hours, and in compliance with ANSI/APSP/ICC-14 2011 and IAPMO filtration and water turnover requirements.

Energy consumption may vary significantly with ambient environmental temperature, frequency of use, filtration settings and the use of other hot tub features including temperature controls, circulating jets, etc.

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Beachcomber Hot Tubs

What makes beachcomber so

Energy Efficient

Heating Technology

Our high output heater technology allows water to heat up to 40% faster than lower grade heaters while consuming less energy and reducing your operating costs. Our heaters are immersed, allowing for direct contact with the water at almost 100% efficiency. This style of heater is similar to what you would find in a hot water tank.

Energy Saving
Management System

The Beachcomber Energy Saver Management System (ESMS) is the very latest in aquatic technology that maximizes the performance of your hot tub. It does everything from adjust your filtration cycles to set your heating modes to reduce power usage. These digital controls are accessible on the topside panel with user-adjustable features to personalize your hot tub experience.

High Efficiency

Insulation prevents heat loss, and keeps it locked in your hot tub. Although this should be a standard feature, most companies choose not have insulate their hot tubs due to a higher production cost. Our 100% Cavity Sealed Insulation System is designed to completely seal every available air space, allowing no room for moisture or air to penetrate the vessel of the hot tub. The water in the tub is protected from heat loss in any temperature.

Energy Efficient
LED Lighting

Mood and ambiance at night relieves stress and tension, helping you ‘get away from it all’ in hot, swirling water. Beachcomber’s energy efficient, low cost lighting allows you to enjoy a relaxing ambiance at a cost of just pennies a year to operate.