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Beachcomber Energy Consumption


Toughest Test


Energy efficiency has always been an integral part of the design of every Beachcomber. We introduced our most energy-efficient Hybrid3 series as in 1983. Since then, we have focused on building the most energy efficient hot tub in the industry. In fact, our tubs are amongst the most energy efficient in the industry using up to 33%* less energy than the competition. Since 2008, Beachcomber has been conducting energy efficiency testing on all our hot tub models in a California Energy Commission (CEC) approved laboratory. Testing is conducted in accordance with the testing methods for Portable Electric Spas, stipulated in Section 1604, Title 20, California Code of Regulations, amended on December 3, 2008.

*Data was obtained by comparing each Beachcomber model to an average of all similar volume models listed on the California Energy Commission Appliance Efficiency Database, that were within 15 US Gallons of the Beachcomber model used for comparison.

Energy Efficiency

Energy Saver Management System (ESMS)

The Beachcomber Energy Saver Management System (ESMS) is the very latest in aquatic technology that maximizes the performance of your hot tub. It does everything from adjust your filtration cycles to set your heating modes to reduce power usage. These digital controls are accessible on the topside panel with user-adjustable features to personalize your hot tub experience.

The Power of Hydro Efficient Massage Filter Cycles

Energy Efficiency


Beachcomber has used this revolutionary heating system since 1978. Our high output heater technology allows water to heat up to 40% faster than lower grade heaters while consuming less energy and reducing your operating costs. Our heaters are immersed, allowing for direct contact with the water at almost 100% efficiency. This style of heater is similar to what you would find in a hot water tank.

More about the Beachcomber ESMS System

Energy Efficiency


Owning a genuine Beachcomber Heatshield Cover insulates your hot tub by creating a vacuum seal that traps in moisture and heat, saving you money on energy costs. The greatest heat loss takes place on the water’s surface; a properly designed hot tub cover locks out the elements while saving your energy.

Learn More about Heatshield Covers

Energy Efficiency


Mood and ambiance at night relieves stress and tension, helping you ‘get away from it all’ in hot, swirling water. Beachcomber’s energy efficient, low cost lighting allows you to enjoy a relaxing ambiance at a cost of just pennies a year to operate.

How Our Lightning Works

Energy Efficiency


Hydropique Radiant Heat (HRH) is designed to recycle and conserve heat in your Beachcomber. HRH allows for significant energy savings in heating costs - up to 27% in some hot tub models.

How HRH works

Energy Efficiency


Our engineers have created a testing chamber similar to that used by The California Energy Commission when testing hot for Title 20 compliance. Beachcomber’s own internal testing of our products is our ongoing commitment to energy efficiency. Our Research and Development Team carefully analyze all results produced from this testing chamber. Be rest assured that no matter when you buy your Beachcomber, you are getting the most energy efficient hot tub available on the market at the time of purchase.