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Beachcomber Hot Tubs


Targeted, focused massage on the cervical area of your body – specifically your neck, will have a big effect on your general well-being. Your neck and shoulders are one of the areas that are affected most by work stress. With so much of modern day work linked to working with a computer, your upper body takes repeated strain. Beachcomber's neck jets help relieve that chronic pain every time you use your hot tub.

Hot Tub Jetting FAQ

Hot Tub Jetting FAQ


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The Beachcomber Flexjet is the fixture positioned within the water socket where all the magic happens.

Using a fusion of pressurized air and water, it creates a different massage experience depending on the type of Flexjet used. Each Flexjet holds 1 – 7 jets depending on the type chosen.



FlexJet inserts are fully interchangeable within any of the same size FlexJets in your hot tub. This allows you to customize the massage you want with the insert of choice. It’s as easy as changing a light bulb!

Step #1

Turn the outer dial fully counter clockwise to the open position, and then continue turning another half turn to unseat the fixture from the internal body.

Step #2

The FlexJet insert easily twists out with minimal effort.

Step #3

Replace with the desired FlexJet and turn clockwise to tighten it inside the water socket.


Each FlexJet has volume control capability. The outer ring serves as a dial, to adjust the pressure and volume to your liking, anywhere from fully off, to full strength massage therapy.

Turn clockwise

to reduce the pressure, speed and volume of the water or close it completely.

Turn counter clockwise

to increase the intensity and force.


As you shop around for you new hot tub, you may hear may a difference of opinions; some companies pride themselves on having more jet ports, but this may also increase the price of your hot tub significantly.

At Beachcomber we believe in having jetting strategically placed to target specific muscle groups with each FlexJet allowing up to 7 jets for maximum impact.


Beachcomber’s FlexJets give you outstanding performance without compromising structural due to our reverse engineering philosophy. Drilling too many jet holes in a seat can deteriorate the structure of the hot tub shell.

Beachcomber’s FlexJet delivers more jetting without the excessive drilling. This engineering allows us to give our customers a Lifetime Guarantee that the structural laminated fiberglass composition of the hot tub will never leak.

Low in Maintenance

The Beachcomber FlexJets are a very low maintenance item. If you have your hot tub placed in an area with a lot of debris, you may need to rinse them from time to time. But in general, your FlexJets do not need much maintenance and will perform for years to come!