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How to Choose a Hot Tub
What else should I buy with my hot tub?
A hot tub cover, sometimes called a heatshield, is a “must have” to maximize enjoyment and minimize maintenance of your hot tub. Their lifespan can depend on your climate, your cleaning and maintenance schedule and how exposed the cover is to the elements...
What are the health benefits of a hot tub?
Soaking as little as 15 minutes a day in a Beachcomber hot tub can improve your cardiovascular health, help alleviate back and muscle pains, lower your blood pressure and even burn calories!
What is hydrotherapy?
Hydrotherapy is simply using heat, massage, and buoyancy to help alleviate the symptoms of conditions like arthritis and muscle pain. Warm water dilates blood vessels and can increase blood flow to sore or damaged tissues, which can help tired or overworked...
What does SLB mean?
Sound, Lights, BIC-e,
Are all Beachcomber Hot Tubs fully foamed?
LEEP tubs include our Eco3WALL Foam Filled Insulation with the management system inside the tub cavity. HYBRID tubs include our Eco4WALL 100% cavity filled insulation for unrivaled energy efficiency with the management system "cab-forwarded" for easy...
Can a turbo pump be added after the tub has been assembled and shipped?
No- it should be added during production.
What are the main differences between a LEEP and HYBRID hot tub?
LEEP tubs have the Internal Eco-Pak system built inside the hot tub cavity. Hybrid tubs have Energy Saver Management System in a Cab-Forward Engineered Pack underneath our tiered steps which make for easy access to the system. LEEP tubs do not have our...
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How to Maintain Your Beachcomber
I have an FL/FLO on my display and nothing is running?
FL codes - whether flashing or solid can be representative of a number of situations. Please call our free technical support line when you are in-front of your hot tub and our experts will walk you through some trouble shooting to confirm the issue ...
Why is my hush pump shutting off when it's supposed to be running 24/7?
You have reduced your set temperature by more than 3 degrees below current water temp. Reduce in 2 degrees increments. Extreme outdooor temperature on tub is allowing Hush pump to heat weater. Prop up corner of cover to release excess heat.
Economy means the heater has only two 2 hour windows to come on per day. The windows can be increased by increasing the filter times.
Sleep Mode means the heater will stay off until water temperature falls 20oF/10oC below set temperature.
Why is there water leaking out of the air intake?
You have loose or missing jets in your tub and the water is backing up into the air intake system. Replace missing jets or on older tubs tighten jets or replace orings and or back gaskets.
Why are my 700 Series topside control panel buttons not lit up at night anymore?
The panel button back lighting bulbs have burnt out. They need to be replaced.
How do I properly winterize my tub?
Drain tub as normal, remove plumbing assembly from jet pump return line and heater inlet blow air into these lines with a shop vac. Then remove water that comes out. Pour some RV anti freeze into floor drain and into the filter canister area - take your...
How many hours do I set my filter cycles to?
If your tub has the Hush pump, filter cycles are heater on times in Economy and Sleep mode not filter cycles. On non Hush tubs leave the default of 2 hours twice a day. If a non Hush tub has heavy use increase the hours to 4 hours twice a day.
How long does it take to heat my tub to set temperature after draining?
It will depend on the fill water temperature but you can expect 5oF/2oC of heat rise per hour on a 220 volt system. If you have a 110 volt system expect a 2 oF 1oC per hour.
What do I use to clean the acrylic surface?
Beachcomber recommends TUB CLEAN followed by thorough wipe down with a clean damp cloth or chamois
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How to maintain my hot tub water
How often should I change my Microfilter?
Your Microfilter should be rinsed once a week. Depending on how often you use your hot tub, and how many people are using it, you may want to rinse more often. If you are enjoying your hot tub more than three times a week, you can rinse twice a week. ...
Do you recommend the use of Hydrogen Peroxide in hot tubs?
No, Hydrogen Peroxide is a weak oxidizer with no residual capacity and loses efficacy in water with higher temperatures. It is unstable in solutions over 29% and Health Canada does not recognize or approve Hydrogen Peroxide as a sanitizer. It is considered...
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Beachcomber Hot Tub Accessories
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Hot Tub Pre-Installation
What's the ideal base for placing my new tub?
A level concrete slab is recommended, though you can also use interlocking pavers or 12" x 12" concrete slabs on a screeded sand base. Ensure that the equipment area for the Hybrid edition is leveled with the hot tub for optimal setup.
Do I need to have the electrical work done before I install a concrete pad base for the hot tub?
Your electrician/ contractor should know these details. The electrical conduit entrance points on your Beachcomber hot tub are on the toe kick, left side and right side so your electrical entry point can be on either side - whichever one of those conduit...
What is the recommended base for placing my new tub?
A level concrete slab is optimal, though you can also use interlocking pavers or 12" x 12" concrete slabs on a screeded sand base. Ensure that the equipment area for the Hybrid edition is leveled with the hot tub for proper installation.
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