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Beachcomber Hot tubs


Find out about the terms that are used in our website and get yourself more familiar with technical details of your hot tub.


Beachcomber's Glossary

Acuralux Acrylic Finish

Beachcomber's thermoplastic, cast acrylic finish that is vacuum formed to make the main shell of the hot tub. This finish comes standard in a granite texture, with available Metallic finer finishes.

AllActive Seating Massage

A specific plumbing design for constant water pressure at each FlexJet location. This allows all upper floor FlexJets to be activated at the same time, giving each bather a massage at the same time. The best in jetting massage power is achieved with this design with available pressure to all jets, maximizing massage capability.


Beachcomber's Hush Sweeper mini FlexJets are designed as 24/7 maintenance circulation units to keep water moving. When these nozzles are pointed down, they sweep and agitate any debris on the hot tub floor. This allows the hot tub's suction system to remove debris to waste.

Beachcomber Premium Guarantee

A guarantee that extends the factory worldwide two year coverage on the equipment, to an extra three years. This additional three years of coverage is available as an option at extra cost.

Beachcomber Water Care

A complete line of products used to treat, balance and sanitize hot tub water. This is a Beachcomber branded line of both liquid and granular products available for hot tubs, in four categories; treatment, balancing, conditioning and care.

Beachcomber Worldwide Guarantee

This is the main guarantee that comes with every Beachcomber Hot Tub model regardless of the size, design or options. This guarantee is valid worldwide on every hot tub Beachcomber makes.

Blended Massage Air Controls

Twin controls are located at each side of the control panel. When turned fully clockwise they close air flow to FlexJets; when turned fully counterclockwise they inject air into the FlexJets. These controls can change the style of massage from mild to intense.

Body Molded Hand Grips

A simple, easy to grip hand hold that is integrated and molded within the shell structure. It allows easy access and movement for both entry and exit. They also allow you to position yourself within the hot tub more easily while soaking and relaxing.

Bottom Mounted Drain Fitting

This simple fitting is housed inside the equipment area; it is threaded to accept the male end of a garden hose for easy draining or filling. When used for draining, this black ABS plastic fitting is gravity fed from the lowest point of the interior of the hot tub to allow all water to drain out.

Britewerx FlexJet Trim

This is a bright, chrome-like facia trim ring on the face of the FlexJet. Britewerx is designed to give extra beauty, sparkle and ambience to the hot tub whether empty or filled. Britewerx fixtures allow you to choose the number of jets you want.

Cab Forward Equipment Design

This is a unique Beachcomber construction design that mounts the hot tub's equipment externally, sitting forward, or outside the main cavity of the hot tub. A safety step covers the equipment and also provides entry and exit. First designed in 1983 as Protec (see ''Protec' in this glossary).

Checkerplate Flooring

This is Beachcomber's proprietary non slip flooring design. Checkerplate can be found also on various steps and cooling benches throughout the Beachcomber Hot Tub lineup. It is designed to prevent slippage by offering better grip for the feet while using a Beachcomber Hot Tub.

ClearTech UVC Water Care system

Beachcomber's factory installed system based on Ultra-Violet light technology to purify hot tub water. The ClearTech system continuously produces distilled water which is pumped back into the hot tub, lowering the demand for chlorine or bromine.

ClearTech UVC Bulb

A specially designed ultra-violet light bulb that emits UVC rays to kill water borne bacteria, viruses and pathogens. The UVC light is confined to a stainless steel ''kill chamber', exposing the light to these organisms, disabling their DNA to eventually kill them.

Cooling Seat

Raised seating in selected Beachcomber Hot Tubs that double as cooling seats, entry and exit ways and steps. These are covered with Beachcomber's trademark Checkerplate pattern for a better anti-slip texture on surfaces used by bathers.

Customer Satisfaction Index

An internal, ongoing study conducted within the Beachcomber Care group to tabulate data from our hot tub buyers. Data is used to determine what features and options motivated our hot tub owners make their buying decisions. Current statistics show that 98.4% recommend purchasing a Beachcomber Hot Tub to family and friends.

Deep Seating

Deep Seating refers to Beachcomber's philosophy within the Multi Level Seating arrangements in Beachcomber Hot Tubs. Deep Seating offers maximum submersion for proper soaking and massage for all sizes and shapes of bathers.

Digital Temperature Control

Automatic heating and cleaning functions are controlled from and located on the Topside Control Pad. Refer to the Beachcomber Owner's Guide for details on programmable functions.

Direct Manifold Plumbing

A fixture within the plumbing of a Beachcomber Hot Tub that acts as a directional center for water flow. Flow is directed into desired Watersocket locations using this hub of single or multiple connections, depending on the size and configuration of the hot tub.

Drink Holders

Simple areas to hold a drink, located in most corners of a Beachcomber Hot Tub. Drink Holders are slightly beveled to allow proper water runoff.

Dual Access Electrical Conduit

Beachcomber offers two options for the entry direction of the main electrical connection to supply the equipment. This is provided as a convenience service by Beachcomber at no extra cost, to allow the owner to choose the direction the hot tub will face.

Eclipse LED Lighting Package

A lighting package that offers small, pinpoint light fixtures housed within the Body Molded Hand Grips. A hooded cap casts light outward to all sides, through 12 facets. Eclipse is fully digital and programmable to offer different lighting options and effects for night ambience and mood.

Eco3WALL Sealed Insulation Package

A specialized type of expanding foam, designed to insulate on all three sides of a LEEP hot tub. This sealing system is water-blown into the cavity of a hot tub to seal every crevice to prevent moisture, heat or air penetration either in or out of the hot tub cavity.


Beachcomber's FlexJet pattern of six full size FlexJet fixtures, stacked two wide and three high. This seat offers the bather up to 42 jets, and is found in deep seating corner arrangements in all 700 series hot tub models.

Elbow Recesses

Special molded indentations within selected Beachcomber Hot Tub designs. These convenience indentations allow the bather to rest elbows deeper within the shell for maximum comfort, movement and usability.

Energy Guide

Beachcomber's energy consumption numbers are outlined on an in-store card according to Title 20 California Law. The Energy Guide tells the dollar amount per month of electrical usage based on approved government testing methods and standards.

Energy Saver Management System (ESMS)

The second component of a Hybrid3 Hot Tub, this is a digital, controllable computer ''brain'. This offers the user programmable water management options for hot tub cleaning, filtration and heating.

Enviroskirt Cabinetry

A tongue and groove, hi-impact material made of space-age plastic. Enviroskirt is embossed for a wood finish, is fully recyclable and UV protected against the rays of the sun. Enviroskirt's earth tones are designed to blend with nature in the back yard.

The 100% Cavity Filled Sealed Insulation Packa

The first component of a Hybrid3® Hot Tub, this is a specialized type of expanding foam, designed to insulate on all four sides of a hot tub, filling every available space in the cavity. This sealing system is water-blown into the cavity of a hot tub to seal every crevice to prevent moisture, heat or air penetration either in or out of the hot tub cavity.

ErgoComfort Seating

The process and philosophy by which Beachcomber designers set up seating in a hot tub, considering depth, contours, movement, body height and weight and other human factors that affect seating to maximize comfort.

ESMS Vibration Absorbing Pad

A custom made ABS plastic pad, predrilled and formed to accept the Energy Saver Management System equipment. This pad absorbs vibration and noise, and allows equipment to sit at the proper level to couple correctly to a Hybrid3 hot tub.

EverLite LED Underwater Mood Lighting

Beachcomber's main lighting system for underwater use. This light is made with MicroStar Technology to produce 256 million different shades of digital color. EverLite can be frozen on any shade or color that the bather desires.

Flexible Dual Access Electrical Hookup

Twin conduits with rodent resistant caps accept the main electrical cable connection to the Energy Saver Management System. Access is available from both sides, located at the bottom of the hot tub on each side of the equipment. See also ''Dual Access Electrical Conduit'.


This is the fixture that houses the water jet nozzles that provide health and massage. FlexJet gives the user free jetting selections and combinations that allow customization of the number of jets desired. Easy removal for mix and match to build the desired number of jets.

Floating Weir

A wide tube that floats at the water level, located above the suction side of the pump(s) that draws in water from the surface. Designed the same way as a swimming pool, the Weir skims the top of the water before the water reaches the Microfilter, allowing contaminants to be caught in the Microfilter. See also Weir Door.

Form Fitting Lounger

A proprietary lounging bed in selected hot tubs (models 740, 725, 715, 520). This Lounging bed is designed to perfectly fit the human body for ultimate relaxation.

FormulaOne Service

A design philosophy that describes the easy serviceability of our equipment. This concept is modeled after the famous Indy Race Car easy access style of service.


Beachcomber's custom built and programmed Robotic arm that drills and backfaces all Waterport hole openings in Beachcomber Hot Tubs. Frankie is located within the Beachcomber Hot Tub factory facility in Surrey, B.C. Canada.

Garden LED EverLite Package

Fed from the main equipment, these light fixtures wash the Enviroskirt Cabinet with light, working in synch with the EverLite. Four separate pods are included, one pod for each outside wall of the hot tub.

Gate Valve

A knife-style valve that can be manually closed to seal off water pipes. Gate Valves preserve the water in the hot tub cavity without the need to drain if service to equipment is needed. See also Knife Valves.

GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter)
Breaker Box

A steel electrical box that accepts the breaker system. This acronym stands for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter.

Glassloc 2000 Bonding Process

Glassloc is a proprietary formulation used to strengthen the underside of the hot tub shell. It is sprayed on in multiple coats and hand rolled for maximum strength and structural rigidity, giving a Beachcomber our “Lifetime Guarantee”.

Gravity Floor Drain

A specially designed drain fixture mounted within the floor of the hot tub. This fixture allows complete draining of the hot tub water.


Beachcomber's promise in writing to the hot tub owner that a Beachcomber Hot Tub will perform as promised.

Guiding Light LED Step Lighting

A lighting package unique to the Hybrid3 Edition's SafeAxiss Steps. Four separate lighting pods are included in this step option, with high output, long lasting LED light for safety and mood.

Heatshield Cover

A specially made cover that sits on the top of a Beachcomber Hot Tub to hold in heat, keep out the elements and protect the hot tub finish.

Holiday Tender

An in line tubular designed canister that holds chlorine or bromine discs. Fits in a Beachcomber Microfilter to dispense active sanitizer into the water, while remaining hidden within the Microfiltration system.

Hush Pump System

A proprietary, built in pumping, heating and circulation system. This optional system is separate from jet pumps, and allows 24/7 heating and cleaning. Hush Pump is built with the same 48 frame high strength components as the main jet pumps, drawing a small 26 amps of electricity for very low running costs to keep water clear and clean.


All four sides of a Hybrid's interior cavity are foam insulated, with every available space filled. Efficient cab forward plumbing design with an external management control system maximizes Waterport hydrodynamics which gives AllActive Seating, using the least number of massage pumps with the lowest possible horsepower and energy use.

I-Beam Truss Support

Engineers have designed these supports to be placed under each seat during factory production. They give the ultimate in support for every seating area.

Incoloy Heater Element

Beachcomber's full immersion heater element to heat hot tub water. Made using Incoloy, the heater element is a durable, long lasting 240 volt water heater.

ISP (Industry Standard Por

The typical portable spa built by the industry, with little or no insulation as well as other key components considered necessary by Beachcomber to ensure customer satisfaction.

JUDY Scentsations

A lineup of liquid scents formulated by Beachcomber Hot Tubs. JUDY uses herbal and botanical oils and extracts. JUDY is designed to maximize aromatherapy in hot water, appealing to the senses to create a feeling of well being, luxury, and personal wellness.

Kick Plate

This outer ridge is formed directly into the edge of the Perma-Seal Foundation. It serves as a lifting platform, elevating the Enviroskirt off the ground and away from the elements.

Knife Valves

A gate-style valve that can be manually closed to seal off water pipes. Knife Valves preserve the water in the hot tub cavity without the need to drain if service to equipment is needed. See also Gate Valves.


Beachcomber's exclusive portable brand next to Hybrid3. This is the highest quality, best equipped portable hot tub compared to the industry standard portable spa. LEEP features options are not found on most portable spas today.

Lifetime Guarantee

Beachcomber's corporate promise to the original owner of the hot tub; <br><br><span class="uppercase" style="font-size:170%;"><i>''the hot tub will not leak as long as you own it'.</i></span>

Massage Pump Pressure

Measured and calculated water pressure created to exacting engineering requirements. Each FlexJet location is carefully analyzed by our engineers to ensure the maximum massage with the least number of pumps and electricity use.

Massage Inserts

The complete plastic body that surrounds and houses the FlexJet therapy nozzles. The Massage Insert fits as a unit into the Waterport, by clicking and twisting into place, and vice versa for removal. This is the same motion as inserting or removing a common light bulb.

Max Rating

The act of rating the performance of a pump at the top of its start-up performance peak before it returns to its running mode. Beachcomber does not use the max rating of pumps due to the misleading nature of this startup information.


Beachcomber's proprietary medium for filtering hot tub water. This ''cartridge' comes in 25 or 50 square foot configurations, with recyclable, folded fiber fins that catch and hold debris.

Microfilter Basket

The basket that is housed just below the bobbing and floating Weir. This basket prevents larger contaminants such as children's toys, leaves and other debris from entering the Microfilter area.

MicroStar Technology

Beachcomber's lighting systems are based on MicroStar LED lighting technology, for long lasting, vibrant, adjustable and inexpensive lighting options.

Multi Level Seating

A philosophy in hot tub design that allows different bathers to soak in seating of their desired height. Beachcomber offers this design as a courtesy to our owners who come in all different sizes, heights and shapes.

Neck Recesses

Subtle indentations in selected Beachcomber Hot Tub molds. These are built directly into the hot tub shell, allowing the bather to cradle the neck for better relaxation and therapy.

Non-Slip Footwell

Beachcomber's checkerplate flooring allows for a textured finish to give better footing while moving about in the interior of the hot tub.


The act of breaking up and destroying organic matter in hot tub water. Example: Ozone is an oxidizing gas.


A device for hot tubs that produces ozone gas. This gas is produced within the ozonator unit and injected into hot tub water. The release of this potent, corrosive gas into the water oxidizes organic matter.

Perma-Seal Foundation

The bottom cap of a Beachcomber Hot Tub, made from tough plastic and thermoformed to fit the construction of a hot tub. Designed to seal out the elements, and to protect the 100% cavity foam fill to enhance energy efficiency.

Palm Massage

Two small FlexJets are found exclusively on models 750 and 740. These are placed perfectly for bather's hands to be at rest while buoyant in the water. These are designed for hand and wrist therapy and manipulation, including relief for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome sufferers.


A measurement of the acidity or basicity of water, on a scale from 0 – 14. The 0 side of the scale is acidic, and the 14 side of the scale is basic. A value of 7.2 – 7.8 is considered neutral, and safe for bathers in hot tub and spa water.

Pneumatically Secured Water Lines

Beachcomber's steel clamping system used during the production process uses proprietary tools. Each connection is pneumatically clamped to a predetermined, exacting torque setting, preventing water leaks.

Polygasket Mounting Rings

Space age plastic rings are mounted during production between the acrylic surface, and the FlexJet body. This ring provides a permanent, positive seal to prevent water leaks.


The threaded portion of a Beachcomber FlexJet Massager Insert. This design allows the hot tub user to easily thread a FlexJet in and out of the Watersocket.

Power Guard Heatshield Cover

Beachcomber Brand UL Certified hot tub covers are designed to protect the top of the hot tub from the elements, and to lock in and preserve heat to save energy costs.

Protec 3000 Design

The Protec hot tub design first debuted in 1983, featuring an external equipment design sitting ''cab forward', or outside of the main cavity of the hot tub. Protec also included a safety step which also provided a way to enter and exit the hot tub. Protec was changed in 2009 to Hybrid3.

Quick Disconnect Union Plumbing Kit

A set of plumbing components, union fittings, seals, knife valves and other parts needed to secure and attach pumping equipment to a LEEP or Hybrid hot tub.

Quick Drain

Beachcomber's Quick Drain is a hand powered pump action drain hose that is used to drain hot tub water.

Quick Vac

Beachcomber's Quick Vac is a hand powered draining unit that is used to drain hot tub water.

Quintessential Surround Sound System

Beachcomber's proprietary aquatic sound system for hot tubs.

Quintessential Surround Sound X-Treme System

Beachcomber's proprietary aquatic sound system for hot tubs that features extra bass resonance and additional options.

Reflex Foot Massage

Reflex Foot Massage (RFM) refers to three or four large jets in RFM equipped hot tubs. These jets are designed to provide an unparalleled foot massage equal to or better than a professional masseuse.

Reflex Foot Massage Topside Control Valve

The valve associated with the turning off and on of the Reflex Foot Massage (RFM) jets in the footwell of RFM equipped hot tubs.

Rest-Easy Seat

A seat within selected Beachcomber Hot Tub models that do not carry FlexJets. These seating areas are designed to allow a single bather to relax without the motion of massage.

Reverse Draw

The design process of inverting a FlexJet to point downwards. These are found in an upper corner seat neck jets in selected models, to face down towards the shoulder and neck area.

Roman Arch Waterfall

Beachcomber's optional water feature. Three round fixtures designed above the water line cascade water in lighted streams back into the hot tub. Roman Arch Waterfall produces sounds of nature through running water, and the beauty of backlit, running water.

SafeAxiss Steps

The third component of a Hybrid Hot Tub, this proprietary stepping system allows for easy entry and exit. It also serves as the cab forward equipment cover to protect all pumping equipment from the elements. This step is a matching accessory available only with Hybrid hot tubs.

Skim Action Filtration

A floating weir creates surface tension on hot tub water in order to skim the surface and pull water and debris into the filter, creating effective filtration.

Slide ''n Store Cover Remover

Beachcomber's optional accesory that makes the Heatshield Cover easy to remove for hot tub use. Slide ''n Store allows the cover to slide onto two rails, attached to the Enviroskirt cabinet.

Suction Fittings

These fittings found in all Beachcomber Hot Tub foot wells bring water back through the Microfilter. All Beachcomber Suction Fittings are VGB (Virginia Graeme Baker) Act approved for the best in industry safety, providing proper hot tub water flow and operation.

Swivel Seat

This feature is available exclusively in the model 750. Twin Swivel Seats allow bathers to position themselves anywhere from opposite, to facing each other in a semi recumbent position.

Tailor Made

Beachcomber's process of custom building a hot tub to order with specially requested options and/or equipment, with the appropriate production waiting period.


Tethys is Beachcomber's logo marquee symbol. Tethys is representation of the ancient Greek Goddess of Water, and represents the eternal flow of rivers that help keep the waters of the world in their natural balance.

Thermoformed Equipment Enclosure

A black, vacuum formed plastic enclosure that houses the hot tub equipment for both Hybrid and LEEP hot tubs.

Thigh Massage

Found in many Beachcomber Hot Tubs, Thigh Massage uses FlexJets to massage the thigh areas of the body.

Tongue and Groove Construction

Beachcomber's Enviroskirt Cabinetry construction style. Beachcomber's Enviroskirt product, the skirting used to enclose a hot tub, uses Tongue and Groove for superior strength, stability, energy efficiency and back yard beauty.


Beachcomber's optional one horsepower booster pump, adding extra turbulence and water action into the hot tub.

Vertical Cabinetry Design

Beachcomber's Enviroskirt Cabinetry design utilizing a vertical style of construction. This design allows for proper water run off for longer lasting beauty.


A typical limited coverage of a given product designed to protect the manufacturer. Warranties include detailed legal statements, disclaimers, limitations and exclusions.

Waterfall Entry

A Beachcomber design theme that uses a stepping system to allow for convenience in entry and exit safety. Providing safe and easy ways for access and egress ensures the best customer experience for both young and old.


A Watersocket is a hole drilled into the shell of a Beachcomber Hot Tub to provide for Jetting. A Watersocket hole has a PVC plastic jet body fixture permanently mounted into it. The jet body will accept a Massage Insert which contains the Jets that the user can customize.

Weir Door

A Weir Door is a floating unit that allows skim filtration. The water flows over the door, creating water tension at the surface, and pulling the water through a filter. This process also allows a basket to catch larger debris such as leaves, prior to it flowing through the filter.

Wide Landing Pad

Beachcomber's safety step feature of the SafeAxiss Steps. This term refers to the top portion of the step surface that is wide and made with a non-slip textured surface.

Wide Rolled Lip

A proprietary hot tub lip surface design invented by Beachcomber. Using a wide, rolled lip contributes to the overall structural integrity of the hot tub unit, making it long lasting and durable.