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Beachcomber Hot Tubs

Hand Made in Canada

Beachcomber Hot Tubs

A Functional Work of Art

Beachcomber tubs are sculpted by hand and designed with comfort and functionality in mind. From start to finish, we take the time to ensure every hot tub is produced with the utmost quality, craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Beachcomber Hot Tubs


We design and sculpt the shape of every hot tub mold is custom made by hand from scratch. to test the smoothness and feel of every contour of your hot tub that a machine cannot. This process can take many months to perfect.

Beachcomber Hot Tubs

Tongue and Groove Enviroskirt

Thick and durable, this special tongue and groove Enviroskirt construction makes for a long lasting, beautiful cabinet. This style of construction is furniture grade quality, and is well recognized in that industry for durability and quality design.

These pieces are all hand assembled to form the full Enviroskirt Cabinet that surrounds your hot tub. This plastic material is UV light resistant, and will last for many years in your back yard outside in the elements. Instead of cutting trees, we use this high tensile plastic material that looks almost identical to wood, complete with Woodgrain embossing. And Enviroskirt is completely recyclable too.

Built by Hand

Built by Hand, from Scratch

Every Beachcomber Hot Tub mold is built by hand, from scratch. There is no store to go and purchase something like this – it’s all custom built. That’s part of the strength of Beachcomber over the years – comfort.

Building a comfortable, hand made hot tub has endeared customers to Beachcomber since 1978. In this photo, our master mold maker mixes a special blend of compounds to begin his sculpting process on a new hot tub model. This process can take many months to perfect.

Built by Hand

A single acrylic sheet

Our visitors to the Beachcomber Factory facility often remark that this is the most amazing thing about their Beachcomber Hot Tub… how a single sheet of cast acrylic like this, can be formed into such an amazing shape. All fifteen of our Beachcomber Hot Tub available molds begin life this way – from a large, single, flat sheet of our own brand of Acuralux Cast Acrylic.

First Class Manufacturing

A Vision is Born

The next step is the Thermoformer where vision and form come to life. By using a combination of heat, vacuum and air pressure, we turn a sheet of cast acrylic into a functional work of art.

Built by Hand

Fiberglass application

Unlike other hot tubs, Beachcomber builds in even more structural strength into your hot tub by our glasslock bonding process. 7 to 10 coats of fiberglass are applied and then hand rolled to assure uniform strength and quality throughout the whole structure.

Built by Hand

Meet Frankie

Named after the late Frank Scott, our factory manager who’s pursuit of excellence was an inspiration. Frankie’s laser guided drill insures that each waterport is precisely drilled to standards not possible by hand, allowing our team to install our Flexjet inserts to exact specifications.

Built by Hand


Our Enviroskirt cabinet is made with a material that has the look and feel of natural wood, but the durability to survive the elements. It’s maintenance free, requires no staining or sanding, so your Beachcomber Hot Tub will look great for years to come.

Each Beachcomber Enviroskirt Cabinet system is pre-built in our factory and married to the hot tub by serial number.

Built by Hand

100% Cavity Filled
Foam Insulation

Maximizing every available space with expanding foam prevents the penetration of air or moisture in and out of the vessel. Just like the best homes built today, the interior walls are filled with foam to ensure that the hot tub conserves heat, saving you energy and money.

Built by Hand


The Perma-Seal Foundation seals the bottom of the Beachcomber, with a custom-made vacuum formed cap. Made from tough ABS plastic, it protects all internal components from the elements or pests.

Built by Hand

Testing for

Beachcomber’s attention to detail is unparalleled. Our water testing facility features 11 full service bays. Each and every tub is tested during its production process. Every pump and management system is run at full speed, before it’s connected to your hot tub. Then the tub is filled with water and over 50 different quality and performance tests are conducted to ensure your Beachcomber Hot Tub meets our standards.

Built by Hand

A Full Inspection,
every time

The inspection system consists of processes, and sub-processes that are designed for one purpose – Product Quality. We take quality seriously by investing millions of dollars into this process. Our own engineers have design these process to meet our high standards of product quality.

Built by Hand

Constant Testing

Every Beachcomber Spa is water tested, performance and leak tested at the factory facility. This forklift works all day, putting hot tubs up, and taking them down off the water testing stations. It does the work of many people! Specially built for our factory staff, this piece of innovative equipment is first class in our industry.