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Beachcomber Owners

Preparing with the

Pre-Delivery Guide

Preparing the way for your new Beachcomber Hot Tub

There are few words are as important to us as “home”. Since 1978, we have been helping families around the world create their very own relaxation centers. There’s nothing more exciting than watching your new Beachcomber roll up the driveway.

Your Beachcomber store can deliver your hot tub to your home. These tips will help you plan for the best spot for your new Beachcomber Hot Tub.

Pre-Delivery Guide

Pre-Delivery Guide

Preparing with the
Pre-Delivery Guide

Before your Beachcomber Hot Tub arrives at your home, there a few things that you need to consider. Our Pre-Delivery guide can help you can solve any issues before your hot tub arrives Download the digital copy here.

Download Pre-Delivery Guide Hot Tub Pre-Delivery Guide

Pre-Delivery Guide

Getting ready for yournew tub

The Pre-Delivery guide is packed with tips and suggestions for how to set up your yard for your Beachcomber Hot Tub. This guide will help you avoid common mistakes made when choosing a location for your hot tub.

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An easy Checklist to help you
plan your hot tub delivery

Use this checklist to help you to get the most from the location you have chosen for your new Beachcomber. Complete it and give it to your Beachcomber store to help make your delivery a smooth one.

  • Automobiles or recreational vehicles may need to be moved
  • A fence, railing or narrow gate - provide measurements of gate access
  • The house gutter, downspouts, fascia or soffit overhang clearance
  • Uneven ground, slippery slopes or paths
  • Electrical or gas meter equipment
  • Doghouse or kid's playhouse, trampolines
  • Trees and shrubs, gravel, rocks or wood piles
  • Patio furniture, barbeques and deck chairs
  • Sheds or built in structures

Placing your Beachcomber
Hot Tub in your back yard

Enjoy year round, easy back door access. Situate your hot tub as close to your back door as possible, within about ten feet is suggested. This will help you make the most of your Beachcomber during cool or freezing weather. Our recommendation has always been to install your hot tub outside on a deck or on a pad. If you do decide to install it inside your home or sunroom, ensure proper ventilation according to your local building codes.

Planning for the hot tub's
location in your yard

Plan your hot tub location for the best privacy. Ask your Beachcomber store about an in home 'Site Survey Template Kit'. They can come to your home to measure the space for your new hot tub. Whether it's on a deck or on a pad, this is a simple and effective way to plan where your hot tub will go.

Look at the direction you will be facing, try to be away from neighboring windows, doors, trees or fences to optimize your relaxing environment. Consider trees or fences that may be replaced or moved in the future. Trees leave deposits behind, from sap, pods, needles, leaves, or branches.

We've got you

Your feet are the least cared-for part of your body. And yet we depend on them every day of our lives. Beachcomber provides therapy for your tired feet with our Reflex Foot Massage jets.

It's like having a personal massage therapist, giving you a foot massage, and working those tired, worn muscles... Beachcomber's RFM will relax you, relieve your daily stress, and take the tension out of your body.