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Back in 2006, Beachcomber began to survey customers and hot tub buyers to tabulate exactly where they came from, how they found Beachcomber and other important subjects. Quality companies make it a point to be very invested in the habits and interests of their customers. Beachcomber relies heavily on industry studies along with our statistics and information, and what our customers like to buy and own for their back yard hot tubs. In marketing terms, this information is very important!

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Think about that for a moment – building a hot tub for someone you love would take care and commitment to get it right the first time! And we know that any product built with human hands can potentially have issues. That’s the reason that we offer a Worldwide Guarantee on our hot tubs so that our customers are protected, without fine print or legalese to confuse and limit their support.

Our Customer Satisfaction Index is a critical report card for us at Beachcomber, and we listen carefully to its results. All surveys are based on Beachcomber customers having guarantee registrations. We wanted to share with you just a few of the highlights over the past years of this special report, and what our customers have to say about their experience with Beachcomber. We picked a couple years of these statistics, they are just a few of the concepts that came from this ongoing study to help you as you make your buying decision for a new hot tub. Our current 98.4% referral rating means that out of all the hundreds of people surveyed each year, 98.4% of them would recommend us to a family member or close friend! We take that percentage very seriously and intend to keep it that way as we seek to serve our retail stores, and our valued customers!

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Our Beachcomber Care group continues to poll owners with questions with one on one telephone conversations, focused on the customer’s level of satisfaction.

The top three ways that our customers find us, in this order, are through Referrals from family and friends, surfing the internet for information, and Special Events that occur across the country with our local area retail stores. Over a third of our owners were referred by a friend. This is a huge percentage for us, realizing that our satisfied owners have told family and friends about their experience with Beachcomber. We appreciate them referring us to their circle of family and friends!

Our surveys found that 31.4% did not look at any other brand. They simply turned to the brand that they know and trust, and chose a Beachcomber, the first time out.

A full 82.2% to 84% rated their overall hot tub ownership experience “the best”!

One interesting question we asked customers was “Why they chose Beachcomber over other brands”. These were the results, in this order: Product, Quality, Design/Seating, and Energy Efficiency including the Hybrid3® option.

We appreciate you taking the time to search information about Beachcomber, and we hope that this information has been helpful. Check with your local store, and ask them about the satisfaction of their Beachcomber Hot Tub owners. We think you will be pleasantly surprised. And we thank you in advance for your patronage and your business, from all of us at Beachcomber, we value your business!