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Beachcomber Retailers


BEACHCOMBER offers an outstanding business opportunity, in a young and growing industry. As one of the founding pioneers in the industry, hot tubs have been our core business since 1978 and they continue to be our specialty to this day. We know hot tubs like no one else. Over the years, through trial and error, and listening to our customers, we know what works, and what doesn’t work. With this information we have developed world class programs and systems that you can implement in your existing store that will help ensure your success, if you are coachable and have a desire to learn and grow.

As a Beachcomber authorized dealership, you get the benefits of our experience, tools and methods we have proven work in markets around the world.

Our specialists in the industry are our Entrepreneurial Educators who will coach and guide you to achieve the level of success you did not think was possible. With tools like our Investment Program, Beachcomber Connect, a strong National Brand and many more - coupled with dedicated people, tools and methods, you can dominate your local market to reap the rewards you deserve.



We finance
100% of your Beachcomber stock... EMC Capital makes it possible

We know that in order to sell hot tubs, you need to have a well-stocked store and showroom floor. A ‘wall of hot tubs’ generates more sales, with happier customers and quick delivery. We also know that carrying this much inventory will eat up your cash flow and is difficult for most retail stores.

We recognized a need for financing in the marketplace, and partnered with a stable, trustworthy company with the same family values as ours. This company, called EMC Capital, makes it possible to stock your store properly to maximize your sales and provide your customer’s needs.

This is a special offer available to all of our Beachcomber stores exclusively. In today’s economy, it’s even more important not to use your own money. Get the security and flexibility you need for your business to build sales and cash flow with proper business financing. Whether you need a little or a lot, EMC Capital is there for you.

Successful Beachcomber business
in 2 years or we will
buy back your investment

Guarantees are important to us; not only with the products we make, but in the businesses we build. We know what needs to be done to be successful in this business. We are so sure of it, that we offer you a two year buy back Guarantee. There’s little to no risk for you. Add Beachcomber to your existing store, and follow our proven methods and systems, and you will see why we are so confident and able to make this amazing offer.

Add a proven profit center to your business. The potential for profit is outstanding – you can cross market to your existing customer base, as well as bringing in new customers who will purchase other categories in your store. Earn more profit per square foot with Beachcomber Hot Tubs, Beachcomber Plus Branded Accessories and Water Care.

Increase your store’s retail traffic and improve your cash flow. Capitalize on the growing trend to be home to enjoy life – the ‘staycation’ is a new way of relieving stress at home. No other product does what a Beachcomber Hot Tub can do. We make it available to your customer, and maximize your return on your showroom square footage.

An exclusive...
protected area to build your Beachcomber brand asset

You can build the value of your business with a respected brand. Every business today needs to provide the best value, and make profits to be able to continue and grow – using our brand, we can show you how. With a turnkey business model that you can implement in your store, hot tubs and spas are an easy product to market and sell.

Using the equity of our national respected brand increases the assets of your business. Whether you pass on your business to family members or are looking to build value to eventually sell your business, being connected with Beachcomber will ensure you a higher return on your investment. Since 1978, we have been building on a track record that makes our stores #1 in every market we enter.

We know what we're doing. We can help business people who are financially stable, are coachable and who have a desire to succeed! Building a business to sell is a key part of business today. As an independent business, you have the opportunity to invite the right brands into your store. Beachcomber can be the right partner for you.

People helping people
relax at home, relieve stress, connect with each other and be healthier

We don’t believe in ‘selling’ in the traditional sense – no one wants to be sold something. But when you have product that wonderfully meets an intrinsic need, the need to escape and relieve stress, connect with loved ones, and improve health, the product does not have to be ‘sold’. It sells itself.

One of the cornerstones of our company is to provide information to help make a decision on a new hot tub. It can be confusing out there with so many companies coming in and out of the business all the time; it can be hard to know who to trust. Knowing what is high or low quality in a new spa can be deceiving. We want to provide the best hot tub in the world, with the best quality and highest value for the money you spend – with the information you need that will help guide and inform you.

The home today is an oasis from the world. The demands of life are increasing with new technology, higher expectations, and a faster pace of life; stress builds up and can irritate us. A Beachcomber Hot Tub at home provides an escape from all of that stress, a place to relax and unwind from the pressures of the day.

An industry that is desired and needed...
now more than ever

There’s a difference between a need, and a want. But, a Beachcomber has become a want, and a need… you want it for the same reasons you need it. Our customers need their Beachcombers for stress relief, health benefits, family time, romantic interludes and even a vacation at home. These are the things that we all need in life! Beachcomber delivers it all.

There is more stress and tension in the world than ever before; and a hot tub has become a need for many. With only about 3% of people owning a hot tub, you can get in on the ground floor with a highly desired product to meet those needs.

Business owners looking for opportunities to grow can see that the market potential for this new appliance is massive and largely untapped. Entering into this young industry with a well-established brand name like Beachcomber, with a solid track record, will build your sales volume, your customer base, your profits and the overall value of your business.

the first law of
the Beachcomber brand

What is needed more in the hot tub and spa industry is integrity. Beachcomber’s integrity is proven in our hot tub and spa product. We don’t cut corners. For us, it’s all about delivering a quality product that we take pride in and that you will be proud to own. Our customers rate their experience with their Beachcombers a high 98.4%, and recommend a Beachcomber Hot Tub to their family and friends.

We place importance on the integrity of the local store that represents the Beachcomber Brand. We carefully choose to align ourselves with individuals with the same values as us, who are committed to taking care of the customer and their needs. After the purchase is made, we invest in the relationship with our customers through our local stores.

Even before the environmental movement, Beachcomber was building hot tubs to last. We have customers who are just now replacing their hot tubs that are 25+ years old that they purchased in our first few years of business. This just proves that we have always built with integrity in mind. Beachcomber is a brand that is built to last.

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