Preparing the way for your
New Beachcomber Hot Tub

Getting ready for a Beachcomber Hot Tub is easy, and quick!This guide shares about the simple ways to prepare your hot tub for your home for a relaxing and safe Beachcomber experience.

What's In This Guide

Preparing the foundation and site

Do you have a flat, levelled spot that supports the weight of the hot tub? We share some ideal foundation installation ideas.

How to prepare and plan your hot tub experience

We give tips on the best spot to place your hot tub to achieve the best Beachcomber Hot Tub experience.

Save time with a planned delivery route

Use our handy checklist to consider the things around the delivery path when your hot tub is being delivered to the spot.

Also learn about our industry-leading Beachcomber Guarantees which helps protect you and your Beachcomber Hot Tub.

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