Why beachcomber


Designed for your Total Body Wellness

Let a Beachcomber Hot Tub melt your stress and pains away. At Beachcomber,
every seating option, contour and jet placement is designed with the human form
in mind - delivering unparalleled comfort and hydrotherapy.

Deep Seating

Beachcomber's ergonomic deep seating allow a deeper body immersion in your hot tub and are barrier-free, with no hard angular edges for the best comfort and mobility while soaking in your hot tub.

Elbow Recesses

Sit back, relax and rest your weary arms. Strategically placed Elbow Recesses feature large and deep indentations melded into the hot tub moulding below the water line, to comfortably rest your elbows, while lounging in your hot tub.

Form-Fitting Lounger

Recline into the semi-recumbent lounger that hugs your body in all the right places. Experience the ultimate hydrotherapeutic massage along your spine and calf muscles with the built-in FlexJets™ that help relieve any muscle tension or aches.

Head Rest

Lean your head back and relax! Beachcomber's ergonomic Head Rests are moulded and positioned in the hot tub to allow your neck to rest comfortably against the acrylic shell, ensuring your comfort from head to toe.

Every body deserves a massage


The Vertasage™ Neck Massage provides a targeted, perfectly pulsating and relaxing massage. Based on the principles of Reflexology, this comfort feature is a series of FlexJets™ designed in concert to produce a gentle and therapeutic neck massage - effectively kneading out lactic acid to reduce stress and allowing your entire body to relax.

Whether you feel neck pain due to stress, poor posture or sleep position, hunching over your computer, or an intense upper body workout, you can look forward to a well deserved neck massage to melt your stress and pain away.


Just like having an in-home masseuse to knead your aches and pains away, the Reflex Foot Massage™ feature provides the ultimate massage for your tired feet. A series of FlexJets™ designed in concert to produce an effective, vigorous, therapeutic foot massage to help relieve stress, reduce tension and improve circulation throughout your body.

Visit a Beachcomber Specialist to discover more.

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