Do you recommend the use of Hydrogen Peroxide in hot tubs?

No, Hydrogen Peroxide is a weak oxidizer with no residual capacity and loses efficacy in water with higher temperatures. It is unstable in solutions over 29% and Health Canada does not recognize or approve Hydrogen Peroxide as a sanitizer. It is considered to be a carcinogen and a mutagenic (can cause genetic mutations). If small amounts come into contact with organic materials such as wood or cotton there is potential for spontaneous combustion. It will also lower alkalinity levels in small bodies of water. Needless to say, it is not typically recommended for use in the hot tub industry. ULTRA SHOCK is a safe, non-chlorine oxidizer that can be used as an alternative with any Bromo Program, or, if customer is looking for a hot tub water care system that operates at the lower end of the sanitizer level range and eliminates the odour often associated with Bromine, we recommend the Care Free system which uses stabilized Chlorine in combination with an effective non-chlorine oxidizer which we have found to be an excellent combination with long term customer satisfaction.

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