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Your local Beachcomber store is your number one source for everything related to hot tubs. Use the store locator on this site today to find the retail location closest to you and give them a visit, you won't be disappointed.

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We Are Here For You

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A hot tub or spa can be a difficult purchase to make today, with confusing messages. And the industry is still very young. Started in 1978, in the small farming town of Surrey, Beachcomber is one of the founding pioneers of the hot tub industry. Throughout are formative years, other manufacturers sprung up as well. As people bought homes and expanded their back yards to include outdoor living for their families, spas and hot tubs gained ground in homes around the world.

One of our main goals for the hot tub buyer has been, and continues to be to provide information and education, to help them make a buying decision. A hot tub purchase is a big decision for the family, ranking third or fourth amongst the purchases made for the home next to vehicles, furniture or landscaping. Making the best decision for quality, and value, is paramount. Where do you get information you can rely on to make that decision?

Beachcomber’s research shows that 98.4% of our owners recommend us to their family and friends. That’s because we believe that the sale begins after the hot tub gets to your back yard. We have authorized stores across the country, who will meet any needs you may have from water care products, guarantee service, accessories and more. And we provide training and materials for them to ensure that they are properly equipped to help you get the most from your hot tub investment.

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