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98.4% of Beachcomber Hot Tub owners would recommend our hot tubs to family and friends

Our Customer Satisfaction Index is a critical report card for us at Beachcomber. Our most recent survey conducted in 2018, involved our hot tub owners from all over the world. We were overwhelmed by the positive feedback we received about our products and brand. Many of our customers became happy Beachcomber owners by referrals and word of mouth, and 84% rated their overall hot tub ownership experience as “The Best”.

We take pride in the many positive customer satisfaction results and intend to keep it that way as we seek to serve our retail stores, and our valued customers! Our Beachcomber Care group continues to poll owners with questions with one on one telephone conversations, focused on the customer’s level of satisfaction.

Hear it from our Beachcomber family...

“I can't think of any better way of treating a physically and mentally stressed body, except with heat, water, and the massage of my Beachcomber. Since I bought my Beachcomber Hot Tub I've been able to stop going to the chiropractor...my arms and shoulders move more freely, without pain.”

Bill G.

“Truly, second to none. Giving it a "10" would not even come close to our level of satisfaction and would and and have recommend this product to our friends and family. Nothing beats being in the hot tub during a snowfall.”

Rob & Aida W.

“We had looked at other types of hot tubs over the past year but no other manufacturer was as passionate about their product as you were about Beachcomber…you helped us get the perfect hot tub for our lifestyle - as well, you went an additional mile to get the tub installed on the top of the garage roof. We just love our Beachcomber tub.”

Susan Johnson, & Ian Mackenzie

“Each night after diner my wife, son and I get into our Hot Tub and find the time to talk about our day. It is a great way to create these family reunion that modern technology does not allow us to do anymore!”

Claude Roy

“Buying my Beachcomber hot tub has been one of the best lifestyle investments I have ever made. It literally transformed our home in the winter as we soak away the cold and enjoy the beautiful night skies. The kids love it after getting chilly swimming in or playing on the lake in the summer.”

Phillip Brown

“We had a Beachcomber as our first hot tub. It worked flawlessly and introduced us to how a hot tub can significantly enhance your life. After trying a different manufactures tub in our current home we can’t wait to go back to a Beachcomber at our new home later this year. There is a significant difference!”

Scott Madison

“My Beachcomber 750SLB - Quality and features of this tub are incomparable! Varried seating and lounging to comfortably fit anyone. Powerful deep massage, or gentle relaxing massage. Great lighting options. Bluetooth sound with subs. Advanced design mechanicals & electronics. I could say much more about this tub- and I've owned hot tubs for the last 21 years! ”

Jim Hubert

“My husband and I recently purchased a new hot tub at Beachcombers, and we couldn't be HAPPIER! Our hot tub is beautiful, very quiet, the water is crystal clear and runs like a dream. I would recommend beachcombers to everyone. They have top of the line products, very knowledgeable staff and exceptional customer service. ”

Jessica Graven

“We just love our hot tub! It has been a wonderful gathering place for our whole family, including the kids. We don't sit in front of the TV anymore... instead we have a great, relaxing time in our new spa. What a treat!”

The Hogans

“I love my Beachcomber hot tub! It soothes sore muscles, warms you up and provides an opportunity to sit back, relax and enjoy great conversation unplugged.”

Tammy Holte-Baumgartner

“Our Beachcomber Hot Tub was used more this past winter than we could ever have imagined. Regardless of the temperature, each morning one of us would shovel a narrow path down to the tub while the other followed with steaming mugs of hot coffee. A grand way to start the day! We end our day in the same fashion... With a warm drink, great conversations and relaxing jets! ”

John & Julie

“It's great to relax in the swirling water after a hard day's work. And as a long distance runner, our Beachcomber Hot Tub feels wonderful!”

Clive & Shirley H

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