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Personalize your own Massage Therapy System

Let your aches and pains swirl away with your own fully customizable Flexjet™ Massage Therapy System - the ultimate hydrotherapy massage feature standard on our entire lineup of hot tubs, engineered and perfected over 40 years.

FlexJets™ bring together traditional massaging techniques of motion and pressure working seamlessly into one wonderful experience to provide a relaxing massage and relief from muscle aches and pains, by targeting various muscle groups from your neck, upper and lower back, right down to your achy feet.

Beachcomber’s Customizable Flexjets™


Watch how each FLEXJET™ offers targeted muscle relief and tension

Every FLEXJET™ is fully customizable by you

Adjust the FlexJets™ anywhere from off, to full strength volume, massage intensity, type of water massage feeling, and even the width of the body spray. Differerent FlexJets™ are meant to target different parts of the body. For the ultimate back, neck and foot massage, simply replace with a different FlexJet™ massage insert to adjust the number of jets, the jetting pattern, intensity (soft to deep tissue), massage sensation, and width of the body spray.


How do Beachcomber CUSTOMIZABLE Flexjets™ work?

All-Motion Hydrotherapy™

Beachcomber’s FlexJets™ uses a vortex action, combining a 50/50 mix of water and air in a small tunnel yielding a powerful jet with motion - which is what makes it more than just a static stream of water. The FlexJets™ deliver a pulsating motion massage, working the muscles of your sore and tired body like a professional masseuse.

All-Active Seating

A unique feature in a Beachcomber Hot Tub is that everyone can enjoy a massage, in every seat, at the same time. Through modern hydrodynamic engineering, at the touch of a button, all seats can be activated at the same time, providing enjoyment for all bathers.

single Stationary
Directional JET

This stationary directional gives you one single focused stream of water, targeting a specific, localized area of the body to relieve any aches and pain, as well as offer relaxation.

Beachcomber’s FlexJet Massage Insert carries up to 7 jets in one

With different FlexJets™ patterns, you get up to 7 jets in one massage insert. With both directional and full motion working together, this encourages more blood flow and oxygen to the area, enhancing circulation and healing.


each FLEXjet™ Targets specific areas of the body

Watch how our FLEXJETS™ offer targeted muscle relief and tension

One of the many ways our FLEXJETS™ help you relax

30-Day FLEXJETS™ Exchange

Our Beachcomber FLEXJETS™ technology allows you to choose the width of spray, intensity, and direction of the massage. After your hot tub is installed, if you find a FLEXJETS™ insert you love and want more of, you can exchange it at no extra cost for the first 30 days.

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